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Nothing is worse than spending the amount of money on a Chargers jersey and then see that player traded, lower, or banished after a year.(David Boston). High draw up picks, future hall involving famers, and old time Chargers greats are usually safe table bets for years of game evening wearing. If you always want to be wearing a current player and you're going to spend $100+ you want no less than 3 good years through that Jersey, so purchasing an Antonio Gates #85 this year almost certainly isn't the right move. People who have body issues if you're wondering if D.J. Fluker's #76 shirt is going to make you look bigger along with boxier then the answer is yes. Customers with rock-bottom prices an association between size and also the number on your back. I'm not stating fat guys can't rock an Eric Weddle #32 but I am declaring a Mike Scifries #5 is not going to go with us bigger fans. If you want a number that's between lineman huge and secondary skinny I would go with linebackers. The 50's are the in between that's just right for that sunday red carpet. You go to a game and see a guy wearing a #66 with the brand Richards on the back and try to believe if a Richards #66 ever played for that Chargers only to realize the reply is no and that guy set his own name on the rear of that jersey and select some random number such as the Chargers actually assigned the idea to him? Well you cannot get those 2 min's of your life back so boo which man! I understand not wanting to always be one of 30,000 individuals at Qualcomm with a Philip Rivers #17 but there's better ways to stand out. I would recommend going with a former retired 12v charger who this city still loves like a Tony Martin #81 or perhaps a Keith Lincoln #22. I also like the idea being a risk taker by going with a first year that was picked high in the actual draft but people usually are not too sure about however like a Melvin Ingram #54. Who knows, this might take place if you do.. They were striking presents and taking action photos for that trading cards.Te'o and Eifert repeat the experience was a bit unique.Manti Te'o says the last time they put on a uniform it turned out his Notre Dame one, and that it can be a dream come true to wear a good NFL uniform. Tyler Eifert says he can't believe that he is talked about as one of the best Tight Ends to play at Notre Dame.